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Is it easy to be the hawk The scientific article about the horses (horses)

About the horse (horse) modern urban person knows very little. It is well known, for example, that horses have a mane. They bring to the lions. Horse manure is of balls. They bring to rabbits. Some horses are in apples. They bring with trees and ducks. Hence the classification of horses is still an unsolved problem.
But we know of several breeds, such as: an elusive, vindictive, Orel rzhachnaya, gypsy air, nahaltekinets, Arabic Kakuna.

Most thoroughbred horses and expensive - the Arabs. However, in conditions of Russian off-road, they found their complete uselessness. Low ground clearance (the distance from the ground up to the belly or zherebyatorodnogo body - just 15 cm), poor assimilation of 76-th of hay - these are just some of the shortcomings of the Arab handsome.
In general, the horse - a beautiful and healthy animal. But sometimes on the back of a horse appears in the form of build-up rider, easily removed by a bullet or a sword. Following this simple and lightning-fast operations on the back of a horse is barely noticeable saddle. Saddle horse looks like the surface of the second order, commonly referred to as a hyperbolic paraboloid, and described by the function of canonical form: z = ax2 - by2.
People are mercilessly exploited by the horses, using their power in the engines of their vehicles, missiles and ships.
Along with the horsepower and the horses have equine endurance. The Russian army has long wanted to bring the soldiers of the same strong and resilient as the horses. But then the lancers with horse tails case, alas, does not matter.
Since ancient times, horses are healthy and trusting animal, used by people for oblaposhivaniya others - both at the racecourses (some special gambling horse help people lose a lot of money), and wood. Everyone knows how the ancient Greeks tricked their enemies, the ancient Trojans, with a gift horse which the Trojans did not look in the belly.
Horses help people not only in labor and in war, but also in the works. Take Pegasus. A rather silly in itself rhyme "horse - fire" was inspired by NA Nekrasov wonderful satirical lines, deriding women and a horse at full gallop, and a burning house. These poems are once again expose woman's foolishness. Why stop the horse? It is for that and is intended to ride. Why enter a burning house? Because it must, on the contrary, leave, and as soon as possible.

There are other incriminating poems such as "I bought my mother a conic and conic without nogy, Gy-Gy, Gy, Gy, Gy-Gy!". Let us and understand it.
The work is clearly based on real events. It's obvious that he wrote a little boy. But to him, the punk, it is clear that the purchase-legged horse - is meaningless. So he mocks (Gy-gee, Gy-gee, Gy-Gy ") is so bad bargain, lashing at his nearby mother. Should be ashamed, dear woman! Where is it, your famous logic? ..

In addition to poetry, horses, and not just as magical, fairy tales appear in almost all the peoples of the world. What does this mean? In our opinion - the monotony of thinking of all the peoples of the world.

* * *

Needless to say, a lot of good people to give a horse. But there is bad. For example, the cavalry leg curves. Or - another negative example: Oleg the Wise, as is known, took the death of his horse. And all it had to treat bone hlorochkoy, and no one snake per kilometer would not be crawled.

However, the matter of the past.
Again - blacksmiths. Shoeing horses - one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. For a blacksmith shod hoof gets 3-4 punch to the chin the other, unshod. Therefore, blacksmiths strong chins, as they say - Horse Racing.

However, people over many millennia, the joint existence of the horse to adapt to it. The body of the rider significant changes. So the Mongols once born with crooked legs, which considerably complicates the delivery, but makes it easy riding!

Horses - nervous, easily excitable animals. Excited stallion can be easily distinguished from the others. Rapid breathing and heartbeat, dilated pupils, stuttering with rye - that's what gives it such a moment. The castrated horses such outrages never happen. But these horses, especially a gray suit - desperate fibbers and dreamers. Recently, one such horse is claimed that there is no better coach Gazzaev, and that with his coming success of our football team is assured. Brad some!

* * *

Currently, horses are experiencing in relation to his extreme discrimination. These had long been elected to the Senate, the iron horse is literally squeezed out of arable peasant horse meat. That way comes to the fact that pork would push horsemeat sausage!
The only people who truly care about horses - it is Gypsies. Horse grown old with wrinkled skin gypsy surgeons doing plastic surgery, not tighten the skin, and straightened it with internal curing. Therefore, Gypsy horses are important and inflated.
Russian horse (Russian passenger-commodity, and the Soviet Ural zhirtrest Mixed-breed) are not so conceited and like to meet at three. A fine Russian troika: one horse emblazoned jacket, pants on the second and the third vest! ..
We somehow forgot to mention the American horses. So, unlike the Russian horse, who gladly eats hay, his American colleague only eats popcorn. Besides, our horses, as opposed to foreign, drink like a horse - can drink a whole bucket at a time, zanyuhav it only a tuft of grass. Differs, and maintenance personnel horses. For example, the American cowboy just like a village shepherd, as Robocop on Aniskina.
Here, perhaps, all that we know about horses. Not much, but we warned. Incidentally, during the time of this writing, no horse is not affected.